Croatian Phrases With Pronunciation For Your Vacation

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That is half two of your information to Croatian phrases with pronunciation (half 1 is right here); that’ll assist you sound like an area in your upcoming Croatian vacation.

Studying Croatian is hard – belief me I do know (right here is proof). Partly one of many study Croatian sequence, we coated the very fundamentals. Now let’s study the actually vital phrases. The sort that’ll assist you once you wish to order a drink on the bar or head to the native market.

Consuming In Croatia

It’s a proven fact that consuming in Croatia is virtually a nationwide pastime. We do all of it day, and you may by no means say no to meals. That may simply be seen as impolite. Critically, in case your host provides you a drink or snack – and even in the event you simply ate the largest meal of your life, it’s best to agree. To get an thought of a few of the meals, you’ll get to attempt whereas on holidays, try my Croatian Delicacies part. Don’t blame me in the event you immediately get hungry…

Inevitably you’ll attain the purpose the place you’ll concern that undoing your button in your pants received’t be sufficient and that you could be simply truly explode. At this level, you’ll be able to attain for the phrase Ne mogu više, hvala!. Which implies you’ll be able to’t take anymore. Simply don’t overuse this phrase or use it after only one slice of cake and a rakija, as they could not imagine you.

Language in Croatia: Alphabet Language in Croatia: Alphabet

Hi there

Bok (bohk)


Good Morning/ Good Night / Good Night time

Dobro jutro (DOH-broh YOO-troh)

Dobra večer(DOH-brah VEH-chehr)

Laku noć (LAH-koo nohtch)

How are you?

Kako ste? (KAH-koh steh?) Formal

Kako si? (KAH-koh see?) Casual

High-quality, thanks.

Dobro, hvala. (DOH-broh, HVAH-lah.)

And also you?

Vi? (Vee?) Formal

Ti? (Tee?) Casual

Please / Sure, please

Molim (MOH-leem)

Da, molim. (DAH, MOH-leem)

Thanks / Thanks very a lot

Hvala (HVAH-lah)

Puno hvala (Puh-noh HVAH-lah.)

You’re welcome

Nema na čemu (NEH-mah nah cheh-moo)


Doviđenja (Daw-vee-je-nya)


Bok (bohk)

See you quickly

Vidimo se uskoro (veedeemoh seh ooskohroh)


Da (Dah)


Ne (Neh)

Excuse me

Oprostite (Oh-pROH-stee-teh)

I’m sorry / Sorry / Pardon me

Žao mi je (ZHA-oh mee yeh)

Oprostite (Oh-pROH-stee-teh)

Oprostite (Oh-pROH-stee-teh)

What’s your identify?

Kako se zoveš? (KAH-koh seh ZOH-vehsh?)

I’m… / My identify is… / I’m referred to as…

Ja sam (Yah sahm…)

Zovem se…(ZOH-vehm seh…)

Zovu me…(ZOH-voo meh…)

Good to satisfy you

Drago mi je (DRAH-goh mee yeh).

The place are you from?

Odakle si? (OH-dah-kleh see?)

I’m from…

Ja sam iz…(Yah sahm eez)

How previous are you?

Koliko imaš godina? (KOH-lee-koh ee-mash goh-dee-nah?)

I’m (x) years previous

Imam (x) godina. (EE-mahm…god-ee-nah).

I (don’t) like…

Ja (ne) volim…(Yah (neh) voh-leem)

Language Difficulties

Do you communicate…?

Govorite li…? (GOH-voh-ree-teh lee…?)

I (don’t) perceive

Ne razumijem. (NEH RAH-zoo-mee-yehm.)

I communicate a little bit…

Govorim malo.. (GOH-voh-reem mah-loh)..

I (don’t) communicate…

Ne govorim…(Neh GOH-voh-reem…)

May you please communicate a little bit slower?

Možete li molim vas govoriti malo sporije? (MOH-zheh-teh lee

MOH-leem vas GOH-voh-ree-tee mah-loh spoh-ree-yeh?)

May you write that down?

Možete li to napisati? (MOH-zheh-teh lee toh nah-pee-sah-tee?)

May you repeat that?

Možete li to ponoviti? (MOH-zheh-teh lee toh poh-noh-vee-tee?)

How do you say…?

Kako kažete…? (KAH-koh kah-zhe-teh…?)

What does… imply?

Što…znači? (SHTOH zhnah-chee?)

What time is it?

Koliko je sati? (KOH-lee-koh yeh sahtee?)

It’s (six) o’clock.

(Šest) je sati. (She-sht yeh sah-tee.)

Procuring & Cash

Language in Croatia: Croatian Kuna Coins - Chasing the DonkeyLanguage in Croatia: Convey Kuna, not Euro

How a lot is that this?

Koliko ovo košta? (KOH-lee-koh oh-voh koh-shtah?)

I’m on the lookout for…


I would love…

Želim… (ZHE-leem)…

Can I pay by bank card?

Mogu li platiti kreditnom karticom? (MOH-goo lee PLAH-tee-tee KREH-deet-nohm KAHR-tee-tsohm?)

May I see this/that one?

Mogu li pogledati ovo / ono? (MOH-goo lee POH-gleh-dah-teeh-voh/oh-noh?)

Do you could have this in small/giant/medium?

Imate li ovo u maloj/velikoj/srednjoj? (EE-mah-teh lee oh-voh oo mah-loy/veh-lee-koy/srehd-nyoy?)

Do you could have something cheaper?

Imate li nešto jeftinije? (EE-mah-teh lee NEH-shtoh YEH-ftee-nee-yeh?)

It’s too costly

Preskupo je. (PREH-skoo-poh yeh).

I’ll offer you… for it.

Dat ću to. (DAHT choo tee zah toh).

The place can I trade cash?

Gdje mogu razmijeniti novac? (Gdyeh MOH-goo rahz-MEE-yeh-nee-tee NOH-vahts?)

Travel Croatia Local Tip: Bus Travel Language in Croatia: Alphabet Language in Croatia: Discover ways to ask for instructions


A one-way/return ticket to… please.

Jednosmjernu/povratnu kartu za..molim. (YEHD-noh-smyehr-noo/POH-vraht-noo ka-rtoo zah..MOH-leem.)

Right here’s my passport.

Ovdje je moja putovnica. (OH-vdyeh yeh mo-ya POO-toh-vnee-tsa.)

What time does the bus/practice/aircraft/ferry from… arrive/depart?

U koliko sati autobus/vlak/avion/trajekt iz…dolazi/polazi? (OO KOH-lee-koh saht-ee ow-toh-boos/vlahk/ah-vee ohn/trah-yekt eez…doh-lah-zee/poh-lah-zee?)

Which platform/gate/terminal?

Koji peron/izlaz/pristanište? (KOH-yee peh-rohn/eez-lahz/prees-tah-nee-shteh?)

Is the bus/practice/aircraft direct?

Ide li autobus/vlak/avion direktno? (EE-deh lee ow-toh-boos/vlahk/ah-vee-ohn dee-rehk-thnoh?)

Do I’ve to vary buses/trains?

Moram li mijenjati autobuse/vlakove? (MOH-rahm lee MEE-yeh-nyah-tee owtoh-boo-seh/vlahk-ohveh?)

Do I want a seat reservation?

Trebam li rezervirati sjedalo? ( Treh-bahm lee reh-zehr-vee-rah-tee syeh-dah-loh?)

Is that this seat taken?

Je li ovo sjedalo zauzeto? (Yeh lee oh-voh syeh-dah-loh zah-oo-zeh-toh?)

When is the following practice/bus/minibus/ferry to…?

Kad ide idući vlak/autobus/minibus/trajekt za…? (Kahd ee-deh ee-doo-chee vlahk/ow-toh-boos/mee-nee boos/trah-yehkt zah…?)

May you name me a taxi?

Možete li mi pozvati taxi? (MOH-zheh-teh lee mee POH-zvah- tee tah-xee?)

I’d wish to go to…

Želim ići u…(ZHEH-leem ee-chee oo…)

Are you able to let me know when to get off?

Možete li mi reći kada izaći? (MOH-zheh-teh lee mee reh-chee kah-dah ee-zah-chee?)



How do I get to…?

Kako doći do…? (KAH-koh doh-chee doh…?)

It’s on the left/on the correct/straight forward/on the nook.

Lijevo je/desno je/ravno naprijed/iza ugla. (LEE-yeh-voh yeh/deh-snoh yeh/rah-vnoh nah-pree-yehd/ee-za oo-glah.)

How far is…?

Koliko je daleko? (KOH-lee-koh yeh dah-leh-koh?)

The place is the closest financial institution/submit workplace/trade workplace?

Gdje je najbliža banka/pošta/mjenjačnica? (Gdyeh yeh nay-blee-zhah bah-nkah/poh-shtah/myeh-nyah-chnee-tsa?)

The place can I discover vacationer data?

Gdje mogu naći turističke informacije? (Gdyeh moh-goo nah-chee too-ree-stee-chkeh ee-nfo-rmah-tseeyeh?)

Do you could have a map?

Imate li kartu? (EE-mah-teh lee kah-rtoo?)

Are you able to present me that on the map?

Možete li mi to pokazati na karti? (MOH-zheh-teh lee mee toh POH-kah-zah-tee nah kah-rtee?)

The place is the (add nationalality right here) embassy/consulate?

Gdje je (x) ambasada/konzulat? (Gdyeh yeh (doh-day nah-tsee-oh-nahl-noh-st oh-vdyeh) ahm-bah-sah-dah/kohn-zoo-laht?

Consuming & Ingesting

Are you able to advocate a superb restaurant?

Možete li preporučiti dobar restoran? (MOH-zheh-teh lee preh-poh-roo-chee-tee doh-bahr reh-stoh-rahn?)

Can we have now a non smoking desk?

Možemo li dobiti stol za nepušače? (MOH-zheh-moh lee doh-bee-tee stohl zah neh-poo-shah-cheh?)

There are two/three/4 of us.

Ima nas troje/četvero. (EE-mah nahs trohyeh/cheh-tveh-roh.)

What would you advocate?

Što biste preporučili? (SHTOH bee-steh preh-poh-roo-chee- lee?)

What are some native specialties?

Koji su neki lokalni specijaliteti? (KOH-yee soo neh-kee lohk-ahl-nee spets-ee-yahl-ee-teht-ee?)

Mogu li vidjeti meni, molim? (MOH-goo lee vee-dyeh-tee meh-nee, MOH-leem?)

A beer/espresso/tea, please

Pivo/kavu/čaj, molim. (PEE-voh/KAH-voo/CH-ay MOH-leem.) Discover out in regards to the kinds of tea and low on provide right here.

May I get the invoice, please. / The verify, please.

Mogu li dobiti račun, molim. / Račun, molim. (MOH-goo lee doh-bee tee rah-choon, MOH-leem./ Rah-choon. MOH-leem

I’m allergic to…

Alergičan sam na…(Ah-lehr-gee-chahn sahm nah…)

That was scrumptious!

Bilo je ukusno! (BEE-loh yeh oo-koo-snoh!)

This isn’t what I ordered.

Ovo nije to što sam naručio. (OH-voh nee-yeh toh shtoh sahm nah-roo-chee-oh.

Can I purchase you a drink?

Mogu li ti kupiti piće? (MOH-goo lee tee koo-pee tee PEE-cheh?)

Let’s have one other!

Uzmimo još jednom! (OO-zmee-moh yosh yehd-nohm!)


Are there guided excursions?

Ima li tura s vodičem? (EE-mah lee too-rah s voh-dee-Chehm?)

What’s the entrance price?

Koliko košta ulaznica? (KOH-lee-koh koh-shtah-oo-lahz-nee-tsa?)

What’s that constructing?

Što je ta zgrada? (SHTOH yeh tah zgrah-dah?

Is it open on Sundays?

Je li otvoreno nedjeljom? (Yeh lee oh-tvoh-reh-noh nehd ye-lyohm?)

What’s on on the cinema/theatre tonight?

Što igra u kinu/kazalištu/večeras? (SHTOH ee-grah oo kee-noo/kah-zahl-ee-shtoo/oh-peh-ree veh-che-rahs?)

That’s a phenomenal church/cathedral/constructing.

To je prekrasna crkva/katedrala/zgrada. (Toh yeh preh- krahs-nah cr-kvah/kah-teh-drah-lah/zgrah-dah.)

What’s there to see round right here?

Što ovdje ima za razgledati? (SHTOH oh-vdjeh ee-mah zah rah-zgleh-dah-tee?)


What’s a cheap lodge you’ll be able to advocate?

Koji povoljan lodge možete preporučiti? (KOH-yee poh-voh-lyahn hoh-tehl MOH-zheh-teh preh-poh-roo-chee- tee?)

I’ve a reservation.

Imam rezervaciju. (EE-mahm reh-zehr-vats-ee-yoo).

Do you could have any rooms?

Imate li soba? (EE-mah-teh lee SOH-bah?)

May I see the room?

Mogu li vidjeti sobu? (MOH-goo lee vee-dyeh-tee soh- boo?)

I’d like to remain for… nights.

Želim ostati…noći. (ZHEH-leem oh-stah-tee…noh- chee.)

Does that embrace breakfast?

Da li to uključuje doručak? (DAH lee toh oo-klyoo-choo-yeh doh-roo-chahk?)

Is there wherever I can go away baggage?

Mogu li negdje ostaviti prtljagu? (MOH-goo lee nehg- dyeh oh-stah-vee-tee prt-lyah-goo?)

When do I’ve to take a look at?

Kada se moram odjaviti? (KAH-dah seh moh-rahm ohd-yah-vee-tee?)

The … in my room doesn’t work.

…u mojoj sobi ne radi. (…oo moh-yoy soh-bee neh rah-dee.)

May I get a special room?

Mogu li dobiti drugu sobu? (MOH-goo lee doh-bee-tee droo-goo soh-boo?)

Is there a restaurant right here?

Ima li ovdje restoran? (EE-mah lee oh-vdyeh reh-stoh- rahn?)

Troublesome Conditions & Emergencies

Assist! / Are you able to assist me?

U pomoć! / Možete li mi pomoći? (OO-poh-mohtch! / MOH- zheh-teh lee mee poh-motch-ee?)

Please include me – it’s an emergency/very pressing.

Molim vas, pođite sa mnom – vrlo je hitno (MOH-leem vahs poh-dyee-teh sah mnohm – vrloh yeh heetnoh.)

I’ve misplaced (my keys)

Izgubio sam (moje ključeve). (EEZ-goo-bee-oh sahm moyeh klyoo-cheh-veh)

I want a physician/dentist/police officer

Trebam doktora/zubara/policajca. (TREH-bahm doh- ktoh-rah/zuhb-arah/poh-lee-tsay-tsah).

Is there pharmacy close by?

Ima li apoteka u blizini? (EE-mah lee ah-poh-teh-kah oo blee-zee-nee?)

Can I exploit your telephone?

Mogu li se poslužiti vašim telefonom? (MOH-goo lee seh poh-sloo-zhee-tee vah-sheem teh-leh-foh-nohm?)

Name the police/ambulance!

Zovite policiju/hitnu! (ZOH-vee-teh poh-lee-tsee-yoo/heet-noo!)

Go away me alone!

Ostavite me na miru! (OHS-tah-vee-teh meh nah MEE-roo!)


Time To Be taught Croatian

Croatian is a tricky language. Belief me; I’ve been (making an attempt to) study Croatian for nearly a yr now. Everybody will let you know simply how onerous the language is to grasp – most Croatian’s will even agree. But it surely’s not onerous to study just a few primary Croatian phrases.

On this submit, I’ll train you some primary phrases you should utilize day by day whereas on holidays in Croatia.

Croatian letters are a little bit completely different to these within the English alphabet. As you’ll be able to see, there are fairly just a few which might be the identical, and there are some which might be completely completely different like č, ž, and Lj as examples. Additionally, you will discover that some English letters aren’t there like X and Q.

The spelling of Croatian phrases is (principally) phonetic. Subsequently phrases are written as they’re pronounced. Which makes issues a little bit simpler, however….. there are a bunch of exceptions. However let’s not fear about that for now.

For now, let me let you know methods to say on a regular basis Croatian phrases that’ll assist you in your Croatian vacation.

Casual And Formal

The Croatian language have each formal and casual varieties that are a little bit tough. Basically, you might want to use the formal type of a phrase when chatting with folks you have no idea and with those that are older than you, as a type of respect.

I typically neglect and blurt out the casual type of the phrase getting used. Fortunate for me my household and associates are forgiving and are simply joyful that I’m doing my finest at studying the language.

In my expertise, Croatians admire foreigners attempting to make use of the language, errors and all, so when visiting listed here are just a few phrases to get you began.

Croatian Phrases: On a regular basis Croatian greetings

Hi there

Bok (bohk)

How are you?

Kako ste? (kah-koh steh?) Formal

Kako si? ( kah-koh see?) Casual

I’m high-quality, thanks

Ja sam dobro, hvala (doh-broh sahm, hva-lah)

Good to satisfy you

Drago mi je (dra-goh mee yeh)

Good morning

Dobro jutro (doh-broh you-troh)

Good afternoon

Dobar dan (doh-bahr dahn)

Good night

Dobra večer (doh-brah ve-cher)

Good evening

Laku noć (laa-koo notch)


Doviđenja or Bok (doh-vee-jen-yah / bok)

Being well mannered in Croatian


Molim (moh-limb)

Thanks / Thanks very a lot

Hvala / Hvala lijepa (hva-lah / hva-lah lee-pah)

You’re welcome

Nema na čemu (neh-mah na che-moo)


Da (da)


Ne (ne)

Excuse me / Sorry

Oprostite (oh-pro-sti-teh)

I’m sorry

Žao mi je (zhow mee yeah)

A bit of chit-chat in Croatian

What’s your identify?

Kako se zovete? (kak-koh seh zoh-ve-teh)

My identify is …

Zovem se … (zoh-vhem se ..)

I’m ..

Ja sam … (yah sahm …)

I communicate a little bit Croatian

Govorim malo Hrvatski (go-voh-reem ma-low hurv-ahts-kee)

I can’t communicate Croatian

Ne govorim Hrvatski (neh goh-voh-reem hurv-ahts-kee)

Do you communicate English?

Govorite li engleski? (goh-voh-ree-the lee en-glees-kee)

Is there somebody right here who speaks English?

Govori li ovdje netko engleski? (goh-voh-ree lee oh-vdyeh neh-tjo en-gless-kee)

Need extra?

Right here hundreds extra phrases so that you can sound like an area in your subsequent Trip to Croatia.

Croatian Swearing

Not for everybody, however you’ll be able to verify some phrases you received’t discover in your journey information – also referred to as Croatian swear phrases – simply don’t say these across the aged or in church. And don’t blame me in the event you get in hassle for utilizing them.

For extra superior degree swear phrases try Croatian swear phrases half II and Croatian swear phrases half III.

So many individuals communicate English right here in Croatia, so by no means concern you shouldn’t have to study Croatian to take pleasure in your vacation. However do attempt one or two of those Croatian phrases – you’ll actually make your hosts day!

When you’d wish to extra phrases, you’ll find a bunch right here. And in the event you’re like me and you intend to dwell in Croatia and so desperately wish to move the citizenship take a look at, let’s share recommendations on how we will grasp the language.

What different key phrases would you wish to know whereas on holidays in Croatia? Let me know within the feedback, and I’ll make sure you add it to half 2.

The language in Croatia is hard and my mind hurts – does yours? What so that you assume, will this assist you really feel extra native once you journey Croatia subsequent time?

Searching for extra on the Croatian Language?



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